Water Stock in Mansion

Disaster Preparation and Water

To prepare for disaster, you have to stock water to survive. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a goal to recover water supply and sewerage systems in 30 days. This means, you likely cannot get water in kitchen or bathroom nor flush toilet for a month.  In Hanshin Awaji earthquake’s case in 1995, to restore water systems in all Kobe city area completely, it took 3 months. Realistically it is not possible to stock water to survive 3 months in your living  room. What can we do then?

Amount of Water Required

In general, one person needs 2-3 litters of water a day. You take this much of water from drinks and food daily. 6 x 2-litter bottled water covers 4-6 days for a person. You can find 6×2-litter bottled water in a box in supermarket or online store easily, so get 2 boxes of them for one person of your family to secure water for a week+. Usually the more you buy at once the cheaper a cost per bottle will be. Once you secure room to stock water, buy enough number of bottles.

There are long storage type of water which is good as long as 5 years. You can also find cheaper 2-year storable water. Mix them as well as veggie juice, bottled teas and such that you consume daily as rolling stock. In case of disaster, no matter how much money you have you cannot get enough amount of stuff you want. When you can buy whatever you want, just do it. Especially for those of you live in upper floor of mansion, you won’t be able to bring litters of water until elevators come back available. Make sure you get some extra, hopefully a double.

Note: “Mansion” is a 3-story or higher condominium or apartment building in Japan. “Apartment” is usually a 2-story wooden apartment.


For my case as an example, have mix of 5-year and 2-year storable water and Mugicha (caffeine free barley tea) in total 6 dozens of 2-litter drinks for my wife, 5-year daughter and myself living on 7th floor of a mansion.

Don’t Dump Water After Big Earthquake in Mansion

After a big earthquake, do not dump water or flush toilet as sewage pipe of your mansion may be damaged. Have a specialist check all pipes running in your building before everyone is allowed to dump water. For the same reason, dump water in your bathtub every time after use. You cannot use it to flush toilet anyway and many people who experienced earthquakes report bathtub broke the bathroom because the heavyweight water inside bathtub was shaken hard and it broke wall where the bathtub was mounted.

Tip: Get Dishes Done After Every Meal

In addition to the above, I highly recommend to do dishes after every meal. Doing dishes require a lot of water. Do laundry everyday for the same reason. Before getting on a train, airplane, elevator and such, make sure use a bathroom if you feel it or you will be in big trouble after surviving from a big earthquake…

Now you have knowledge how to wisely manage water. Take action whatever you can do now or today to be a Tokyo Saviva!